BBQ Lobster with Garlic Oil – Caught & Delivered
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BBQ Lobster with Garlic Oil

BBQ Lobster with Garlic Oil

Cooking Lobster on the BBQ is so easy. Our Caught & Delivered 1 ¼ lb lobsters are dressed and ready to go! You'll just need some garlic oil to drizzle over them to keep them moist while they sizzle and cook. The shells naturally protect them, so shell side down for a few minutes is all they need. That, and maybe a glass of summer fizz!

Prep: 2 mins

Cook: 5 - 10 mins
Serves 2


• 1 x Caught & Delivered Large Dressed Lobster (defrosted overnight in the fridge)
• 2 tbsp olive oil 
• 2 garlic cloves crushed


1. Heat the barbecue ready for cooking.

2. While that heats up, crush the garlic and stir into the olive oil.

3. Place each half of the lobster, shell side down, on the bbq and drizzle with the garlic oil. Keep an eye on it, adding a drizzle more oil as you like. Once sizzling and hot it's ready to eat!
Remember to crack the generous sized claws to get to every delicious morsel! Serve with other seafood for a holiday vibe Like our black tiger king prawns and our beautiful Cornish Scallops in their half shells.